At Arm’s Length: The Story of a Blind. Ofeliya Zhakayeva — documentary photographer, videographer

By the age of 37, Kenzhegul Seitzhan has lived in different countries, learned several languages, developed his own business and practiced professionally five kinds of sports. Sometimes he sees prophetic dreams and loves to greet people in the buses. Ken is from a large family — he is the twentieth child, the youngest. At tea, remembering his lovely childhood, he tells stories about how he was a host at holidays at school. Sitting in a taxi, he repeats Turkish - he began to teach it recently, then Japanese, in order not to forget. He names skate a sweet hobby — he feels freedom in sliding. “Imagine, yes? I practice skating with my eyes almost closed, with poor eyesight. I'm skating. If there is a desire and you take steps, you can do absolutely everything, no matter what”. Parents say that as a child he fell from a horse, doctors, that he was born like that. "Now it does not matter"